Six13 IV: Zmanim

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Six13 IV: Zmanim

April 20, 2011

This one's a bit of a departure from the formula of our first three. We've got some new original material we hope you're going to love, but this time we also recorded quite a few more cover tunes — some of our favorite songs by other artists that we love to sing on Shabbat gigs — in the form of four epic medleys. Then, we invited some of our Jewish music celebrity friends to sing with us. Zmanim features guest appearances on lead vocals from 8th Day, Yitzy Spinner, Aryeh Kunstler, Pey Dalid and Jewish Star junior finalist Shmuly Brafman. And of course, we're up to our old hijinks again with a new parody, and we had a blast filming the video for it.


1. Tov Lehodot (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original

2. V'ezakeini (featuring Yitzy Spinner) / Vehi Sheamda (featuring 8th Day) (Levine / Razel)
Featuring Yitzy Spinner and 8th Day

3. P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R
A hilarious mashup of Pesach-fied versions of today's biggest hits

4. Kol Han'shama (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original

5. Yeshivish Mix (LeGabay / Mah Mah Mah / Gelt)
A medley of classic tunes by other Jewish artists: LeGabay, Mah Mah Mah and Gel

6. Hinei Ma Tov (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original

7. Simcha Medley (featuring Pey Dalid)
Our favorite tunes to celebrate by! Featuring Pey Dalid

8. I Light It
Our parody medley of pop tunes for Chanukah!

9. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (featuring Aryeh Kunstler)
Our take on a duo of two of our favorite Israeli classics

10. Mi Adir / Mi Bon Siach (M. Cohn)
A Six13 original