Six13 II: Encore

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Six13 II: Encore

April 20, 2007

The first CD established a style all Six13's own… the follow-up found them re-inventing Jewish a cappella.

Perfect score, RARB Featured on "Sing IV"

Top Pick of 2007, Recorded A Cappella Review Board Nominated for two 2008 CARA Awards

"Six13 has mastered their element. Encore is as good as it gets for Jewish a cappella, and stands among elite a cappella albums in every genre." — Kimmie Raschka, RARB


1. Al Hanissim (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original

2. The Miami Mix: Ya'aleh V'yavo / Adon Olam / We Need You (Y. Begin)
A medley of songs originally performed by the Miami Boys Choir

3. Son (A. Zeitlin)
A Six13 Original

4. Gadlu (A. Schreiber)
Originally performed by Beat'achon

5. D'ror Yikra (A. Zeitlin)
A Six13 Original

6. Acheinu (Y. Spinner)
Also appearing on Yitzy Spinner's album, You and I

7. Sha'alu (M. Boxer)
A Six13 Original

8. Carlebach: Cracow Nigun / Adir Hu (R' S. Carlebach)
A medley of songs originally performed by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

9. Lo Yisa Goy (A. Ishofsky)
A Six13 Original

10. Lev Tahor (A. Rotenberg)
Originally performed by D'veykus