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April 20, 2006

"The best Jewish a cappella CD ever — hands down!" — M. Schwartz, Englewood, NJ

Nominated for two 2006 CARA Awards

Featured on The Best of Jewish A Cappella, the Moment Magazine Compilation, Ruach 5767, and A Cappella Treasury, Vol. 1: Shabbos


1. Lecha Dodi (M. Boxer)
A Six13 Original

2. Yigdal (M. Boxer)
A Six13 Original

3. Shifchi (S. Mayer)
A Six13 Original

4. Kol Mekadesh (M. Boxer)
A Six13 Original

5. Racheim (P. Weber)
Originally performed by Yaakov Shwekey

6. Home (A. Zeitlin / M.Boxer)
A Six13 Original

7. Hamalach Hagoel (A. Rotenberg)
Originally performed by D'veykus

8. Eishet Chayil (M. Boxer)
A Six13 Orignal

9. Mimkomcha (M. Boxer)
A Six13 Original

10. Uf Gozal (A. Einstein / M. Gavrielov)