Six13 5: Believe

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Six13 5: Believe

March 28, 2013

On this album, you can expect more of the quality Six13 has come to be known for — virtuosic singing, impeccable arrangements and tight harmonies, in-your-face thumping bass and vocal percussion, and infectiously danceable up-tempo tracks interspersed among heartfelt, moving ballads. But as always, the boys never settle for the "same old same old". The songwriting takes a decidedly dramatic turn on this record, with soulful, ethereal cuts like "Shema" and "Mah Rabu" true to the central theme of "EMUNAH" that will leave the listener with goosebumps. On the other end of the spectrum are comedic gems, both in the form of hilarious originals like "Chanukah Rights" and the group's trademark pop parodies, like "Good Shabbos" and "Brei Brei Brei".


1. Haneirot Halalu (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original feat. the International Six13 Fan Choir

2. Yesh Tikvah / Ki Malachov / Mi Shema'amin (Various)
Feat. Benny Friedman and the Maccabeats

3. Pesach Shop (Various)
A hilarious Passover-fied mashup of pop hits through the years

4. Mah Rabu (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original

5. Chanukah Rights (M. Boxer, R. Operman & E. Dinowitz)
A Six13 original

6. Shalom Rav (D. Singer)
A Six13 original

7. Good Shabbos (D. Luke / C. Harris)
A Shabbat mashup of today's hits

8. Mi Ha'ish (A. Zeitlin & G. Zeitlin)
A Six13 original

9. One Mitzvah (The Bar Mitzvah Song) (M. Boxer & V. Zaslow)
A Six13 original

10. Shema (M. Boxer)
A Six13 original