Six13 in Concert

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“In all the years we’ve been holding USY International Convention, I’ve never seen
the kids respond as enthusiastically to a performance the way they did to Six13.”

— Jules Gutin, USY International Director

Six Nice Jewish Boys take the stage, each equipped with only a microphone, a black blazer and the resolve to entertain. Images of choral singing / barbershop / doo-wop enter your brain; this is going to be boring, you think. Then, six mouths open — and it’s anything but.

Suddenly, you’re hearing full-fledged contemporary pop and soulful rock anthems with hard-hitting “drums”, deep bass and powerful lead vocals. You’re fully engaged, and you begin to notice: so is the entire crowd. This isn’t at all what I thought a cappella music was. This group is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard — and you can’t quite figure out how that sound is being generated by nothing more than six guys and their voices.

But you, and the rest of the audience, remain riveted long after that novelty wears off. The Jewish favorites you grew up with intermingle with clever parodies of today’s hits and catchy Six13 originals you’ll be humming on the drive home. Along the way, there are laughs, sing-alongs (both planned and unplanned), demonstrations, words of Torah and more — and by the end of the night, you feel like you’ve made six new friends.

Six13. Being Jewish never sounded quite like this.

“Far from just singing, Six13 bonded with the crowd. The group’s secret is its charisma. The laughter of the people in the audience rippled through the room when they were not applauding or humming along.”
— The Canadian Jewish News

For simchas, fundraisers and programs alike, there are few things as fun and truly nothing as unique as Six13. Join in with the hundreds of synagogues, JCCs, Hillels, yeshivot and Jewish organizations that have invited Six13 to remind their communities just how fun, cool and beautiful it is to be Jewish.