awards • honors

Performed at the White House for President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Over eight million views on YouTube

Bruno Mars liked Six13’s Passover version of his song so much, he posted it on his Facebook page himself

Thrice selected as finalists in the casting process for NBC’s The Sing Off

Headlined at USY International Convention, URJ Biennial Convention, USCJ Biennial Convention, Cantors Assembly Convention, National Council of Young Israel Annual Dinner, World Union for Progressive Judaism annual dinner, and BBYO Regional Convention

Performed seven years running for a crowd of 30,000+ at Shea Stadium / Citi Field for the New York Mets' annual Jewish Heritage Day

Sang U.S. and Israeli national anthems at center-court at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks

Performed for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the official New York City Mayoral Chanukah Party

Performed three times in New York City’s annual Salute To Israel Parade, and as the house band on New York’s My9 television simulcast

Performed in the main event at the North American Jewish Choral Festival three times

Performed live on the 2007 and 2012 Chabad Chanukah Telethons

Performed at the first-ever kosher bar mitzvah at the prestigious New York Athletic Club in 2008

Performed at Brooklyn’s Jewish Heritage Day commemoration, 2008

Sold over 10,000 CDs

Six13’s songs and arrangements are perfomed by ensembles all over the world!

  • Ani V'ata of NYU, New York, NY (Lecha Dodi)
  • The Chai Notes, Hofstra University (Hinei Mah Tov)
  • The ChaiNamics, University of Delaware (Hinei Mah Tov)
  • ChaiTunes, Emory University (Lecha Dodi)
  • Harmonia, Boulder, CO (Lecha Dodi)
  • Hooshir of Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN (Lecha Dodi, Al Hanissim, Hatikvah)
  • Jewop, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison (Al Hanissim)
  • Kanfei Shira, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel (Yigdal)
  • Krieger Schechter Lower School Choir, Baltimore, MD (Al Hanissim)
  • Kaskeset of Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY (Home, Lecha Dodi)
  • Kol Echad, The Milken School, Los Angeles, CA (Hatikvah, Al Hanissim)
  • Kol Hakavod, University of Michigan (Lecha Dodi)
  • KOLture Shock, Israel (Al Hanissim)
  • The Maccabeats, Yeshiva University (Al Hanissim)
  • Marak Hayom, Bethesa, MD (Lecha Dodi)
  • MTA Chorus, New York, NY (Al Hanissim)
  • Musica Ebraica, Ottawa, Canada (Racheim)
  • Ramaz High School Choir, New York, NY (Al Hanissim)
  • Shenaniganns, Gann Academy, Waltham, MA (Yigdal, Al Hanissim)
  • ShireiNU, Northwestern University (Ki L'olam Chasdo)
  • Shir Harmony, Atlanta, GA (Lecha Dodi)
  • Staam of Washington University in St. Louis (Lecha Dodi)
  • Techiya of MIT, Boston, MA (Home)
  • Trey Kaley, New City, NY (Al Hanissim)