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“While Six13’s beatbox styles add a kick to their songs, the group’s voices stand on their own. With their perfect mix of tenor, bass and baritone melodies, their signature song, Lecha Dodi, was so pure it gave me goose bumps. … Far from just singing, Six13 bonded with the crowd. The group’s secret is its charisma. The laughter of the people in the audience rippled through the room when they were not applauding or humming along.” — The Canadian Jewish News

“How else can I say it? A complete 10 in my book. They hit it out of the park. Grand slam. Amazing. … I’m not exaggerating when I say that [Six13 director] Mike Boxer could be one of the most brilliant, hard-working a cappella musicians of our generation.” — Dave Brown, Contemporary A Cappella Society of America president and co-host of a cappella podcast Mouth Off

“Six13 is the most accessible, enjoyable and talented Jewish a cappella group I’ve ever heard. … No a cappella collection is complete withot the best of each genre. That’s reason enough to pick up Six13’s eponymous release.” — Jonathan Minkoff, past Contemporary A Cappella Society of America president and senior reviewer, Recorded A Cappella Review Board

“Six13 has mastered their element. Encore is as good as it gets for Jewish a cappella, and stands among elite a cappella albums in every genre.” — Kimmie Raschka, Recorded A Cappella Review Board

“Encore is an extremely solid album that doesn’t get old. The songs, arrangements and vocals are original and tasteful, and are similar to secular a cappella. If you need an acapella album this season or a solid album for rest of the year, pick up Encore.” — Aryeh Steiner, Jewish music blogger

“[Six13 director] Mike Boxer is becoming synonymous with great a cappella music.” — Thomas King, Recorded A Cappella Review Board

“I just bought your CD, and I have to honestly say that it is the best Jewish a cappella cd ever — hands down!” — M. Schwartz, Englewood, NJ

“It’s a delight to listen to Boxer’s music. In my view, after two consistent Six13 albums, he’s definitely in the forefront of Jewish music today, not only in the acapella niche. His music is fresh, original and well thought.” — YK, Jewish music blogger

“Okay, so not being of the Hebrew faith, it’s hard for me to talk about the content of the songs on this album, other t"han the sound – which is AWESOME. … If you’re looking for some really cool Jewish a cappella to share with your friends, this is it.” — Review at

“That was amazing… and I’ll listen to this album the day AFTER Lag B'omer too.” — Avi Fertig, “The Schmooze”, Five Towns Radio

“Best a cappella group…..EVER! No joke. The rhythm, the beats, the voices, the emotion, it all blends together in harmonious unison. I enjoy every second of your CD every time.” — “Sweetbleu”, Maryland

“GREAT MUSIC! We love it and it is going all the time in our home.” — Y. and D. Kobernick, Jersualem, Israel

“The album is great!” — Dov Rosenblatt, lead singer and guitarist, Blue Fringe

“I have the Six13 CD and I listen to it all day, lately. It’s great.” — A. Z. Fertig, via internet

“Six13 is an a cappella-style Jewish music CD released just prior to sefirah. It was produced excellently and I recommend it to anyone who cares to listen. … Nearly every song on the cd really kicks butt and I’ll listen to it after sefirah, too.” — “Still Wonderin'”, Weblogger

“Some of the sound effects are insane. I can’t imagine how they make some of those sounds sound so authentic, really cool… When I first put it on, I kept replaying the first song because I liked it so much!” — “Ukidmenot”, via internet

“You guys are awesome! I really enjoy listening to your music!” — Shoshana, Brooklyn, NY

“I love your a cappella CD.” — T.M. Chodorow, via e-mail

“Amazing CD!” — Mendy, Brooklyn, NY

“I LOVE the Lecha Dodi song — it has awesome beat box and it’s just a really cool song!” — B. Donowitz, via e-mail

“I heard you guys on JM in the AM and bought your album this week. The entire CD is great!” — Michelle, Brooklyn, NY

“I have never heard such amazing Jewish music in my entire life! And this is only a cappella! I can’t wait until you release another album! I would love to know when you do. You’re awesome! Keep it up!” — Nav, via e-mail

“I think you guys are really wonderful and I love listening to your music. I’m in an a cappella group at my college. I’m telling everyone I know about you guys.” — Alana, via e-mail