Hard to believe summer is underway, and with it, summer camp! The fun and joy of camp brings out the best in all of us — and not a moment too soon. Love, caring, kindness and compassion are all things we could really use these days!

The words to Sim Shalom [iTunes mp3] [sheet music], the latest single off of Six13’s new album Volume 7: Blessings, embody that very spirit. Show us your ruach and we’ll put you and your friends in our upcoming video!


Just send us a great video (only five seconds in length is necessary) or photo of you, your friends, your family or anyone else you love. Videos taken on phones are fine, but please make sure to hold the phone HORIZONTALLY — that means with the long sides of the phone facing up/down and the short sides of the phone facing out.

We’re looking most of all for people playing, singing, dancing or even lip-syncing along to Six13’s Sim Shalom [iTunes mp3] [sheet music] (or even just the “echo” parts!) But we’ll also consider anything that shows you enjoying the summer and showing love, brotherhood and happiness, with or without music.

FREE SHEET MUSIC: Want to play Sim Shalom? Download the sheet music!

You can e-mail your video to or post it on YouTube with the hashtag #Six13SongOfSummer, but we’d prefer high-quality videos — so if you can, share them at full size with using Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive. (Make sure your file is public, so we can download it.)

Make sure to include your name(s), what city/state/country you’re in, and the name of your camp or organization (if applicable).

DEADLINE: July 17, 2017. Don’t wait until the last minute — no videos will be accepted after this date!

Once you’ve sent your video in, don’t forget to post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat with the hashtag #Six13SongOfSummer to let everyone else know they can join the fun too!

By submitting your video, you agree to allow Six13 the right to use it without limitation at its discretion for promotional purposes.


Sim shalom tova u'v'racha
Chein v'chesed v'rachamim
Aleinu v'al kol, v'al kol Yisrael amecha

Grace and kindness, we will find this within us, within us
Those dispairing: we’re repairing the world with love
Those in crisis, paying prices, we see you, we see you
Silenced voices, without choices, we hear your cries


Torat chaim v'ahavat chesed u'tz'dakah u'vracha
B'rachamim v'chayim v'shalom
V'tov beinecha l'varech et amcha Yisrael, Yisrael
B'chol eit u'v'chol sha'ah bishlomecha


Shalom, shalom, shalom