“On behalf of our temple community that enjoyed your concert immensely, I want to thank you. Six13 is remarkable — your arrangements and blend are exquisite and you have cultivated the nicest balance of humar and seriousness. Please tell the guys that we are grateful that they came and shared their talents. Your ‘Shema’ is still ringing in my ears!” — Cantor Jodi Sufrin, Wellesley, MA

“Thank you so much for adding such warmth to our son’s Bar Mitzvah. You engaged our guests of all different ages and generations. You are not only musically talented but you also have a special way of bringing such a terrific personality to your performances. You really came through for us. You are a delight to work with.” — R. and K. Geula, Great Neck, NY

“In all the years we’ve been holding USY International Convention, I’ve never seen kids respond as enthusiastically to a performance the way they did to yours.” — Jules Gutin, USY International Director

“You were AWESOME! No, you ARE awesome. Thank you so much for enhancing our Shabbat experience here at Agudas Achim. We so appreciated your spending the entirety of Shabbat with us and especially enjoyed your contributions to the service. But the best part was seeing the teenagers actively LOVING singing AND being Jewish at the same time during the workshop you led. You inspire us with your voices, but you enrich and engage with your hearts. And the concert on Saturday night was FANTASTIC. You are the whole package. Many thank for a memorable Shabbat!” — Chazzan Elisheva Dientsfrey, Congregation Agudas Achim, Alexandria, VA

“I recently returned from Afghanistan where I was stationed with the U.S. Navy. Listened to your CDs during my 7-month deployment. Your music is awesome and inspiring.” — C. Solomon, U.S. Navy

“Everyone, and I mean kids, parents and grandparents, enjoyed your concert yesterday. I thank you for Shabbat services, the impromptu performance at my home Saturday evening and the time you spent at our Religious School. In fact, I heard a number of kids and their parents who were not planning to come to the concert actually came because of the kids' experience at school. You affected all of us in the best possible way…through the joy of the music you make. THANK YOU!!” — A. Levenson, Congregation Adath Israel, Cincinnatti, OH

“We were so happy to have had you with us for Shabbat. You made it unforgettable. The boys have been lovely and we are all big fans. We were really happy. I can’t say it often enough!” — A. Habermann, Tel Aviv, Israel

“They added a touch of class to the evening’s program.” — Rabbi Pesach Lerner, National Council of Young Israel

“I must THANK YOU all from my heart. You were terrific, amazing, cool, fun, spiritual, kind, entertaining, great, fantastic musicians… and that’s just the start! The boys were so into you and ‘beat-boxing’, and the girls were all googling you. I’ve heard that many have already downloaded your songs and are singing and bopping along. Once again, thanks so much for everything.” — G. Bell, Stamford, CT

“Their harmonies will make your soul soar.” — Meir Weingarten, JM in the AM

“Six13 really made our simcha the talk of the town.” — R. Geller, White Plains, NY

“Your performance at Faifield University this week was awesome. You touched my heart and soul. I could not wait to tell my friends and colleagues about your concert. I even played your CD at work. You brought such joy into my life.” — Trudy, via internet

“Boy do I love that great harmony of this group!” — Mickey B., Long Island radio personality

“Six13 performed at our daughter’s bat mitzvah this past Saturday. They were our only entertainment. they were also very professional and accommodating to work with. Everyone, young and old, really liked them. And, they’re nice guys!” — G. Wolf, Forest Hills, NY

“While Six13’s beatbox styles add a kick to their songs, the group’s voices stand on their own. With their perfect mix of tenor, bass and baritone melodies, their signature song, Lecha Dodi, was so pure it gave me goose bumps. … Far from just singing, Six13 bonded with the crowd. The group’s secret is its charisma. The laughter of the people in the audience rippled through the room when they were not applauding or humming along.” — The Canadian Jewish News

“Camp Laurelwood was rockin' as our campers danced and sang along to Six13 … They had everyone laughing, jumping, and even dancing on stage with them by the end!” — D. Ben-Haim, Madison, CT

“Your music brings a freshness to Jewish music that young kids can listen to without knowing that it’s been around for years. My kids have loved your music for years and it has change the way they sing their prayers. You guys are mensches.” — L. Mostyn, via internet

“What they’re doing is just incredible. … The true inheritors of the mantle.” — Jordan Gorfinkel, Beat'achon founder and Jewish music producer

“I REALLY enjoyed your peformance.” — Gerard Brown, Harmony Sweepstakes judge, HBO screenwriter and Executive Produer of PBS’s “Spike and Co.: Do It A Cappella”

“My son of two years old, Dani´el, he loves you. I have to play ‘I Got Tefilin’ and ‘P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R’ the whole day and the whole week. I love to see him dancing and singing your songs.” — Victor, via internet

“I gotta say your drummer is pretty incredible. Most definitely the best ever in a cappella music. It really adds a lot.” — E. Marcus, CA

“Six13 is primed to leave fans with an unforgettable musical experience.” — Binghamton’s Chai Times

“You people are phenomenal. … Your choice of harmony is outstanding — a vast understatement. I appreciate your sixths, your seconds, your diminished/augmenteds. … These are chords (harmonies) most people are afraid of and you use these with exceptional talent.” — T. Abraham, Lakewood, NJ

“I was at the GNS Concert the other night. It was awesome! Six13 was unbeleivable. Their song Kol Mekadesh was wild.” — “Drewsky”, via internet

“Your spirit and voices are amazing and uplifting. Thank you for sharing both.” — N. Wizenberg, Bayside, NY

“You guys are really awesome…really tight, and singing a cappella is so hard. You guys have such an awesome tone and quality.” — K. Suarez-Stein, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“You guys are absolutely AWESOME! … Keep up the great work, you’re amazing!” — S. Riter, Fair Lawn, NJ