Elements marked as “recommended” are not required and may be omitted for budgetary concerns, but their absence may well have a significant negative effect on the quality of the performance.

Speaker system
Six13 REQUIRES one front-of-house speaker system which can provide coverage to each seat in the Venue, set up in stereo, and capable of 110db undistorted at the mix position.

Mixing console
Six13 REQUIRES one front-of-house mixing console with at least six channels with individual inputs, independent monitor mix sends, and equalization controls on each channel, and RECOMMENDS visual channel output readouts and individual compression on each channel as well.

Six13 REQUIRES six (6) matching UHF wireless vocal microphones (i.e. Shure SM-58 microphones or a similar model), fed to six (6) independent channels, and six (6) compatible microphone stands.


Six13 REQUIRES a minimum of three (3) wedge floor monitors receiving a minimum of two (2) different individualized monitor mixes separate from the house mix, and RECOMMENDS up to six (6) wedge floor monitors with up to six (6) individual monitor mixes.

For indoor and nighttime events only, Six13 REQUIRES stage lighting which is controllable separate from house lighting and RECOMMENDS two (2) ten-foot light trees with four (4) color-changing gel lights on each tree.

Sound engineer
Six13 REQUIRES one professional sound engineer who is able to operate all above equipment, and RECOMMENDS Marty Gasper of 2Dog Creative, who can be reached at marty@bluejupiter.com.



  • Said sound engineer may not allow the overall decibel level of any other performances or performance ensembles during the Event to exceed that of Six13’s overall decibel level, as ascertained during Six13’s sound check.

  • The Client agrees to provide Six13 access to the Venue prior to the Event for 45 full minutes, with the aforementioned sound system fully operational and with the sound engineer present, prior to admission of the public, for the purpose of sound check.


You can opt to have Six13 subcontract one of several trusted tech partners who work with us on a regular basis:


  • Package 1 ($1,600): Premium sound and lighting (RECOMMENDED)
    High-end quality mics and sound system, preferred engineer and professional stage lighting (all elements marked “recommended” above)

  • Package 2 ($1,200): Premium sound
    High-end quality mics and sound system and preferred engineer, no stage lighting

  • Package 3 ($850): Minimum sound and lighting
    Basic sound system and engineer, fixed stage lighting

  • Package 4 ($600): Minimum sound
    Basic sound system and engineer, no stage lighting (only the elements marked “required” above


For events more than 125 miles away from New York City, these packages are available at the above prices plus $1,400 (to cover the cost of engineer’s travel and local rental of equipment).


You can hire your own vendor for sound and lighting (or provide it yourself).