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Six13 7: Blessings Six13 7: Blessings
Six13 6: Thirteen Six13 6: Thirteen
Six13 5: Believe Six13 5: Believe
Six13 IV: Zmanim Six13 IV: Zmanim
Six13 III: Yesh Chadash Six13 III: Yesh Chadash
Six13 II: Encore Six13 II: Encore
Six13 Six13

The songs on Six13’s groundbreaking CDs might be the ones getting all the attention, but don’t let that fool you; this group has literally hundreds more up their sleeve. Shabbos zemirot, Israeli favorites, Yiddish songs, Yeshivish pop, even a surprisingly diverse selection of secular English pop, rock and R&B — both from today’s top 40 and the classics of yesterday — you name it. And if it’s not on the list, they’ll put it together just for you. There’s no song Six13 can’t do!

Call 1.888.BOOK.613, and we’ll tell you how Six13’s rousing renditions of any and every one of your favorite songs can make your simcha the one everyone can’t stop talking about.