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An a cappella group adds the perfect touch of class to any wedding, sheva brachot or Shabbat celebration. Six13 is well-known for its powerful, entertaining on-stage concert performances and catchy original songs, but what many people don't know is that Six13 is the gold standard for off-stage, microphone-less, Shabbat-friendly simcha entertainment as well.


What We Do

Shabbat davening, calling a Bar Mitzvah to the bimah in grand six-part harmony, "opening the room" to set the festive tone of the big day, traveling troubadour-style from table-to-table to serenade your guests with their requests, and leading a rousing celebratory hora are all standard-fare for Six13. Any way we can put our talents to use to enhance the ruach of your occasion, we're ready.


What Makes Us Different

You have lots of options for adding Jewish a cappella music to your affair -- college a cappella groups, wedding orchestras, a cappella agencies that assemble groups from singers-for-hire on a per-affair basis. But there's only one that can deliver on a promise of singers who are not only professionals and top-notch musicians, but singers who have known each other and performed together for years, and rehearse together constantly. The chemistry is magic, the charisma is palpable, and the difference in quality is unmistakable. Six13 is a throwback to the glory days of vintage vocal groups dedicated to their craft, and that's the reason any Six13 client will tell you we're the best in the business.


What We Sing

We're more than just "Lecha Dodi" and "Bohemian Chanukah" (though we're always happy to oblige). We've got a list of over 200 songs at the ready -- your favorite Shabbat zemirot and Jewish music staples, Israeli classics and Yiddish folktunes, contemporary American pop and golden oldies, and everything in-between -- and that's just for starters. There's no other group out there that can handle the Jewish repertoire with the same flair as secular classics. We aim to please, and there's no song this group can't pull off. Have a listen!

Simcha Dance Set

Israeli Songs

Slow Songs

Yeshivish Songs

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